Bob Kirkpatrick

March 20, 1993

"Captain, I'm getting indications of a residiual ion trail, and there is an energy distortion dead ahead."

"Opinion, Ficus?"

"I believe it's a ship. Cloaked."

"Red Alert."

Klaxxons began to go off through the ship, and sent people scurrying to their posts.

"Captain, Phoenix Class scow decloaking, it has weak laser armament now powering up in its forward arrays."

"You're joking."

My Science Officer was serious. The ship was jostled a bit as a laser fired at our Bird of Prey.

"I take it back. THEY must be joking." The scow had fired it's biggest weapon, and left our ship completely unharmed. The laser was so weak it hadn't strained the shields at all.

"Captain, the commander of the scow is requesting visual communications."

"Thank you, Ficus. On screen." I got up and stepped to the center of the bridge. "This is Captain Kirkpatrick of the Klingon battle cruiser Lupus. You have fired upon us for no reason, and I demand an explanation."

The forward viewer displayed a little static and then cleared up some... Not completely though, whoever configured the communications of the scow was obviously something less than skilled.

"I am Damon Laird of the Ferengi ship Dunsil. You have entered into space which I have claimed for myself."

Apparently, the communications engineer wasn't the only crewmember who was less than competent...

"My ship is engaged in normal patrol operations, and it is you who have committed an act of tresspass."

"Have not! Have not! You did! I want to be the King of this area and you are interfering with my plans!"

"Surely, Damon, you cannot expect to just walk into an area with which you have no authority and begin to make demands."

"I can too! I am Damon of this vessel, a Phoenix class starship. I can rule anywhere I wish!"

"Ensign Aron, power up the forward disrupters. One fifth power please. Do not fire unless I give the order."

"Aye, Captain. Disrupters at 20 percent."

"Damon, you will take your toy ship, your erudite attitude, and your aspirations an leave immediately."

"Or what?"

"Or, I will have no opportunity but to disable your craft, take it in tow, and slingshot it across the galaxy."

"You wouldn't dare."


"Yes Counsellor Megan?"

"I sense a deep seated arrogance and a need to be a hero."

"Request granted. Ensign, increase disruptor power to 100 percent and fire."

The Phoenix vanished in a ball of flame, leaving only fine particles of dust where it had been only moments before.

"Set course to resume patrol. Course 3 five 3 mark 1 two 1. Engage."

Our ship went through the dust cloud of debris, and the warp engines kicked on. Free of a minor irritant, the crew went back to more important concerns.

"What shall we replicate for dinner?"